Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Fishy Curtains

Remember that post a long time ago about how I wanted to make new curtains for my son's room?  This one?

Well, after taking BOTH votes from the comments into consideration, I decided to go with option one (the fishy fabric) since I already had the coordinating dotty duvet cover from Ikea.

Curtains are very easy to make.  I made four panels total (two for each window) and I probably put in about 2 hours of work.  I think they came out pretty cute!

They are lined, but for some reason I totally forgot to hem the bottom of the lining:

No biggie.  I also made a fun Super Hero pillow cover:

All, in all, the new curtains, pillows and bedding looks pretty good!

Now we just have to figure out a plan to rid the walls of those Star Wars decals...

Bye bye droids!

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