Monday, November 26, 2012

Around the House

So, what's new with you?  I've been working on some small items before I start my "Project Checklist" power-push to finish up all my in-progress quilts by the end of the year.

Remember the stocking from last week?  I made two more and added felt letters for our holiday mantle.  Cute!

I also just started a baby quilt for a soon-to-pop friend featuring this cute blue elephant Savanna Bop fabric:

The baby quilt will also feature a scrappy mix of teal, gray and blue fabrics.  And!  Look at my seam alignment!  I have finally achieved sharp edges!  It is so much easier now that I have figured out how to properly match up seams.

And, finally, I would like to tell you about a new kid's show called SlugTerra.  It's a cartoon about a group of inter-species teens who roam the underworld looking for the team leader's father while battling opposing groups with shape-changing slugs.  Yes, another one of those.  I guess the main slug is kind of cute?

Anyway, there are no toys associated with this show (yet), so my son and I decided to make some!  After going to the craft store for some fabric markers, we were able to make one "battle" slug and one "cute" slug.  Feast your eyes on this:


Monday, November 19, 2012

Recent Goings-Ons

Hi Quilters!  I just finished up a big batch of holiday orders -- aprons and place mats.  Now that these items are safe in their new homes, it was time for me to get back to some personal projects.  I have a lot going on right now!  I enjoy thinking up projects and planning things and picking out fabric and cutting fabric so much.  Then I tend to lose steam.  It's a problem.  Anyway, here is a small taste of what I've been up to lately...

I am loving Elizabeth Hartman's new book Modern Patchwork.  She is my quilting idol and I want to replicate everything she does.  I pre-ordered this book before it was published and received my copy the day it came out!  I decided that my first project would be the "Rapid City" quilt.

You know, one of the things I most liked about this quilt was the color scheme.  But, for reasons unknown, instead of trying to duplicate it, I decided to pick something completely different.  So I'm making my quilt out of The Birds and The Bees by Tula Pink.  Which is nice!  But it's all starting to look a little matchy-matchy.  OH WELL.

Another thing to note is that I did all the cutting for this quilt like 3 months ago?  And the cutting is extensive -- there are two full pages of instructions and you need like 40 sandwich bags to organize all the pieces.  I thought it was all a little anal retentive at the time, but now that I am starting to assemble the quilt top it is so convenient.  ACTION SHOT!

I also made this cute Christmas stocking over the weekend.

I might make more of these -- they are super easy and take less than an hour.    Pretty good for a Hanukkah-type lady!  L'CHAIM!

I'll be back soon for a new version of PROJECT CHECKLIST!  I have sooooo many unfinished items.  It's going to be a doozy!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Takin' Care of Business!

I was recently excited to participate in a pre-holiday craft fair organized and hosted by my friend Christina, proprietress of Christina Waters Stationery!

I made some pencil cases and aprons to sell at the event, and also brought the yellow felt G pillow I made for my son's room.  The pillows were a big hit!  I received orders for six pillows in various letter and color combinations.

Here they are, ready to go to their new homes!

I was also asked to make a child's apron.  I'd never made one before, but I shrunk down my trusty pattern and ended up with this (on a 6 year old for size reference):

The border and pocket are patchwork.  Super cute, if you ask me.

I still have two adult aprons and a set of eight place mats to to come!