Sunday, July 7, 2013

Kitchen Chronicles Week 3

Despite the holiday (Happy Birthday, America!) and the fact that things look pretty much the same as last week, there was a lot of progress on the kitchen this past week.  And along with the progress, there was also some stress.  Let's find out more!

In terms of progress, the cabinets are pretty much done!  All the doors are on and the drawers are in.  There is one cabinet missing because it was damaged, but that should be arriving in a few days so let's not worry about it.  I love the tall pantry with pull-out drawers and the window seat!

I originally wanted cabinets to run along the wall under the window, but the window is too low to allow for that.  So this window seat (with two drawers of storage) was the Plan B.  I think it will be cute!  I am having a window seat cushion made online and have narrowed down the fabric options.  It will definitely be one of these three.  What do you think?

Once the cabinets were done, the flooring people came and put down the tile backer boards.  They would have installed the tile too, but SOMEONE (me) ordered the tile too late and it hasn't arrived yet.

The countertop templates were also completed.  So in about two weeks, we will have countertops!  

In terms of stress, I have been having SLEEPLESS NIGHTS over this kitchen.  For real?  Yes!  I am stressing out!  This is an expensive undertaking, and I don't want to make a mistake or have regrets.  Here are my two biggest stress points:

First, the pulls for the doors.  It's stressing me out because once they drill the holes, that's it.  You can't really change your mind.  I think I have narrowed down a style, but there are so many size and finish options.  For example, on a large drawer, do you want two small pulls or one large pull?  If you want a nickel finish, do you want it to be polished or brushed?  You would think that at least the finish would be an easy decision but I'm having trouble with it.  While my faucet and lamp pendant finishes are polished metal, the handles of the appliances are brushed metal.  So... which finish should I pick for the pulls?

Ok, that is a dumb thing to stress about.  

My real anxiety, however, is being caused by the tile floor.  Right now I have on order many boxes of the tile I picked, Emser Strands Olive in a 12x12 square.  Although I love the tile, it raises many questions:

1.  Should it be installed in a straight grid pattern or a diamonds (on point) pattern?

2.  The tiles have definite lines on them.  Should the lines run all the same way, alternate ways, or random ways?

3.  Wait -- why am I getting squares?  Would it look better to get 12x24 tiles?  If so, what direction should those be installed -- running sideways or up and down?  

Etc etc etc for infinity.

Also - I have learned that NO ONE ELSE CARES!  So understandable, yet so cruel.  

Until next week!

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Kitchen Chronicles! Week 2

Hi there!  For those of you keeping score, at the end of last week the kitchen was an empty room with torn-up walls and loose wires.  Well, things happened this week, and as of now we have been:





Yes, on Friday the first few cabinets were installed.  They look great!  We picked Martha Stewart cabinets from the Home Depot in a color called Ocean Floor.  So far, I love them!  All of the doors and drawers are soft-close, and there are a lot of nice extras, like super susans.  Eventually, I'll also be able to show you the built-in cutlery organizer, floor to ceiling pantry cabinet and a cute cork-board organization center!

Here is where the fridge will go - love that "built in" look!

Here is a pic of the lower corner "super susan"!

This open upper cabinet is going to be for cookbooks!  (There will be a regular cabinet with doors above it)

The wiring for the wall outlets and the under-cabinet lighting are in place:

Here is a pic of the floors now - no more dirty linoleum, just dirty plywood:

Next week will be a short one due to the July 4 holiday, but according to the schedule, the cabinets should be 100% done and the flooring installation will start.  So far, things have gone according to schedule so we'll see if our good luck continues!

I'll be back next week to update you on our progress.  Can't wait to stop eating microwaved meals off paper plates!!!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Kitchen Chronicles! Week 1

We moved into our little house just about three years ago.  Since that time, I have been itching to renovate the kitchen.  The kitchen is a petite (9x13) time capsule, which included a full set of harvest gold appliances!  The dishwasher and fridge pooped out on us within the first year, but we still had the oven!  It took about an hour to pre-heat to 350 and could barely fit a whole chicken.

Also see the strange wood-look laminate cabinets!  They were all over:

Well, now a full kitchen renovation is actually happening!  I am excited!  This past week was WEEK ONE.  So far, we have undergone a full demo and the electrical.  Everything has been torn out, and all the wiring has been.... wired... or whatever.  Plus there are a bunch of circles in the ceilings for the new recessed lighting.  

Check it out!  This used to be the wall of cabinets where the oven and range were located:

And this used to be the sink wall!

The dry-wallers are scheduled to start on Monday, and then the painters arrive.  I think the old floral linoleum floor will be taken out soon too.  

I will be back next week to show you the progress!  

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Random Assortments!

Can it really be June?  Is school over for the year?  Have I not updated this blog since November?  Yes, to all of that.  Let's take a trip back in time to get updated!

First of all, in December, I finished the baby boy quilt for a baby friend!  It came out rather cute!  The pattern is from the book Fat Quarterly Shape Workshop for Quilters and the main fabric is Savannah Bop.  

I would also like to alert you that I am now using a SEVEN year old for size reference!  He keeps getting bigger, but the quilts stay the same size.

Detail Shots!

Next up, in January, I decided to make a birthday quilt for my oldest sister's upcoming February birthday.  She is an architect, so I wanted to use some of the Architextures fabric line, which is turning out to be my top favorite fabric collection of all time.  I found a cute pattern in the book Modern Quilts from the Blogging Universe (highly recommend!) and set to work pulling fabrics in shades of grey, light blue, royal blue and orange.    

And, in March (yes!  only one month after her birthday!) I sent her this:

More later!!!