Monday, September 19, 2011

Back and Better (?) Than Ever!

Wow, was I tired.  See, I am a life-long night owl and sleeper-inner.  But my son's new school (kindergarten!) starts at 7:55 AM.  Yes!  In the morning!  So I had to start waking up TWO HOURS earlier than I was used to waking up.

And, after weeks of "mysterious" exhaustion, I also started going to bed TWO HOURS earlier than usual.  Incredibly, that solved my problem!  But although my earlier bed time led to renewed personal sanity, it also seriously cut into my quilting and crafting time!  

In other words:  I have not made much progress on my Modern Meadows quilt.  I finally turned back on the sewing machine on Sunday and was able to finish the solid half of the squares.  I think they look pretty cute!

Now I just have to stitch up the other half of the squares.  Hope to have them done some time this week! Unless I get tired.......

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