Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Junk Store -- Not So Junky!

My sister refuses to go to any junk or second-hand stores with me.  The Goodwill?  Salvation Army?  Forget it.  Yes, she is a fancy lady.

So, to make her jealous, I am going to post some super awesome things I picked up at my local junk (I MEAN JUNQUE) store this past weekend.  PREPARE TO BE IMPRESSED!

First up, I got this old globe for only $35!!!  Globes can be expensive and this one is really nice.  I'm not sure what year it's from, but it includes Persia and Belgian Congo, so you know it's pretty old.  SCORE!

I also got this set of three children's books from 1956 for $2.00!!!  They are awesome!  Volume One starts with nursery rhymes and Mother Goose, Volume Two includes Aesop's fables, King Arthur and a selection of Greek, Roman and Norse myths, and Volume Three has full chapters from Robinson Crusoe and Huckleberry Finn!  NICE!

Long story short:  go to the junk store!  You may find some great stuff.