Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bratty Backpacks

I got this little hook at JoAnn's fabric store the other day and hung it up in my son's room right in the doorway next to the light switch.  Now he has a handy place to hang his humongous backpack and we always know exactly where it is every morning!

The backpack takes up like 65% of his body:

But if you go to JO-ANN's to look for this hook, be aware that the one you find will actually have a cute smiley face and rosy cheeks.  My son didn't like that part and was loud about that.  So I painted over it with some yellow paint I found in the garage!  Does that mean he is spoiled?

Answer - YES - he is spoiled (FYI).


  1. I think you got it a Joann's.

  2. I fixed it! At least I know you read my blog now.

  3. yes but it still says Michael's in the last paragraph

  4. FIXED IT!!!!!!!!! You guys are a tough crowd!

  5. what's new at Quilty Business? What have you been working on the last 4 weeks? Bratty Backpacks must be dethroned with your latest crafty creation!