Friday, October 5, 2012

Non-quilt Quilted Items!

In addition to all the quilts I've been working on, I have also made two different types of items.  They are all quilted!  They are just not quilts.

The first are these cute place mats:

Since this set of blue and grey ones, I've also made some others.  Might be good for gifts and/or craft fairs?  They are fun to make, and you can make up a set of four during a 2-hour Dateline.  Pro tip: if you're watching a 2-hour Dateline, it takes that extra hour to explain that the murderer was the husband.

I also made this super cute pencil case:

I got the pattern online.  It was fun to make!  I was able to successfully install a zipper!  I definitely sense more of these in the future.

Well, have a good weekend!  I plan to do lots of sewing and will work on my photography skills to see if I can actually post some attractive images.  Here's hoping!

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