Monday, October 29, 2012

Boy's Room Mini Makeover!

When we last checked in with my son's room back in April, I was messing around with fish-print curtains and dotted duvet covers and Star Wars: The Clone Wars decals and it looked like this:

Well, get ready to freak out because it now looks slightly different!

Basically, it's much tidier and the color palette is calmer.  To achieve this slight difference, we first did a HUGE toy clear-out which opened up a lot more floor space.  We then retired the old toddler table and got a new desk at Ikea for homework and art projects.  It's the Ikea Micke desk in white/green, but I spray painted the front of the desk drawer with chalkboard paint for some reason.  Cute!

We picked out some more mature grey and blue bedding.  It's the Land of Nod Midtown duvet cover, and the pillows are from Target.  I made the G pillow out of mustard-ish wool felt.  Let me know if you want one for your name!

Next, of course, we added a quilt!  It wouldn't be Quilty Business without some quilty business.  For this cute wall hanging, the pattern is Neighborhood Charm (free) and the fabric is mostly Chicopee (not free).

I hung it on the wall by attaching a long fabric tube to the back of the quilt and then putting a thin wooden dowel in the tube, which is held to the wall on picture hanging hooks.

We also added a few fun accessories like these army-men book ends from Urban Outfitters:

And on the dresser I added a few rocks from my childhood rock collection (nerd alert):

My son is really happy with his slightly different room!


  1. Looks amazing!!! Can you please makeover my son's room?

  2. I'm right on top of that, Rose!