Thursday, October 4, 2012

Catching up on More Business!

Continuing yesterday's photo dump, here are some photos of projects that are actually completed and mostly living at other peoples' houses.  These photos are from my phone, so be warned they are even worse than usual!

First up is a cute quilt of Loulouthi fabric that follows a free pattern called Positively Perfect.  I made this for one of my sisters for use in her kids' play room.  We also whipped up some coordinating drapes and pillows!  For this quilt, I used a jelly roll and the quilting was just straight lines.  Quick and easy!

Next is a quilt made for one of my other sisters (I know, there are so many of them) from Lucy's Crab Shack fabric.  The pattern is called Beach Blanket.  The Sister seemed to really love her quilt!  

I also made a unisex baby quilt for a pregnant friend!  (Not a sister)  I used this Charming Plaid pattern and one MoMo Oh Deer! charm pack in addition to a lot of white.

The quilting follows the lines of the squares then adds diagonals:

I really love the back of this quilt -- it's just a big piece of the Oh Deer! Enchanted Forest print:

Perfect for a girl or a boy!  She is having a boy, FYI.

And finally, I did one more square of my never-ending Swoon quilt.  This thing is probably going to be done in 2014 if I am lucky.  Here it is:

Even though that last one is still a work in progress, looking at all those quilts makes me feel pretty accomplished!  Check back tomorrow for even MORE projects that are quilted but aren't quilts!  HINT: one is for eating dinner and one is for encasing pencils.  Mysterious!


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