Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Project Checklist - Item 1!

The first item on Project Checklist was to make a new slipcover for my armless chair.  As you can see here, I first made a slipcover for this chair last summer and found the process to be surprisingly easy.  You just need your basic supplies (fabric, pins and a sewing machine) plus a burst of energy.  Then you can complete the project in about two hours.

After I made the first slipcover, I knew I would eventually want to make another in a solid fabric.  I found this grey fabric in the home decor fabric section of my local JoAnn's and combined it with a 40% off coupon (nice!).  It's Dwell Studio Cameo Ovals in color Taupe, which is actually a very nice pale grey with an oval pattern stitched into it:

After a recent burst of energy, I was left with this!

A covered chair!  Much like the last time, I just draped the fabric, cut out sides, pinned it and sewed it together.  Everything came out pretty good!  Here is a close up of the side:

Looks OK to me!  So, Item #1 on my To Do list is DONE!  YAY!!!!

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