Monday, November 28, 2011

A Quilt for Teens

Here is a photo of the top of my Crazy Nine Patch Lattice Quilt (fabric is Lark by Amy Butler).  I think it looks pretty crazy!  But nice too.  Just like a certain soon-to-be teenager I happen to know!

I think I am going to give this quilt to my niece for her 13th birthday in January.  I mean let's get real:  Can you think of anything a teen would want more than a quilt made by her dumpy aunt?

(Don't worry.  I'll go to Hollister too......)


  1. SHE'S GONNA LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Pretty! Ollie likes the music that they play in the mall in front of Hollister and she thinks the storefront is intended as a stage for her to dance on. I can't believe Maya will be 13...that must make me nearly 40! I lmao at "dumpy aunt"