Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New Project Alert!

Do you recall my recent acquisition of all 24 Amy Butler Lark prints?  They mostly look like this (mostly):

Anyhoo, I was trying to find a way to incorporate all the prints into one quilt.  And I think I've found it!  It is called the "Crazy 9 Patch Quilt" by Elizabeth Hartman.  Free pattern!  Score.  Her example quilt is so nice, done in shades of orange and red, with all her seams and corners perfectly lined up:

Photo from Oh Fransson

Mine is not going to look like that.  Moving on, the blocks are made in sets of nine using a group of nine prints.  As there are 27 print blocks in the quilt (4 are on the back), I could make three sets of crazy blocks if I had 27 prints ... and right now I have 24 ... so I divided the prints into three groups of eight by sorting them into greenish, bluish and reddish piles and added one solid to each group!  MATH WORKS!

I've already started cutting, sewing and squaring the blocks.  This pattern is very easy and goes quickly.  It would be a good starter project if you want to make a quilt of your own!

Here is an in-progress shot:

More later!

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