Wednesday, November 16, 2011

That Was Fast!

Ready for an update on the Crazy 9 Patch Lattice quilt?  Yes, I realize it seems like I started this project only yesterday, but I actually finished all of the crazy squares this past weekend!  MAGIC!  Now I just need to cut out the plain white squares and sew it all together and make the back and quilt it and bind it and oh dear.

Anyway, as I told you yesterday, I divided the 24 Lark prints into three groups (greenish, bluish and reddish) and added one solid into each group so I had three stacks of nine fabrics.

With each stack, I was able to make nine crazy blocks that each include a little piece of each of the nine fabrics (each print is in a different position in each block).  Does that make sense?

Here is one of the reddish blocks:


And greenish:

This quilt is going to be loud and possibly obnoxious with all the colors/patterns.  Maybe it would be good for a tween/teen?  Maybe a tween/teen who lives in Maine and likes bright colors?  Hit me up in the comments if you know of any such tweens/teens!

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