Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Secret Change!

All of the trim in my house is white.  Except in two places: the back of the front door and one random hallway entry.  For some reason, the painter did not paint these two doorways.

I've asked my husband several times if he would paint them (we have plenty of left over paint in the garage) but he always said NO.  He said he LIKED the wood trim.  But it doesn't match the rest of the house!  I think we all know the real reason.  (It rhymes with "hazy".)

SO, long story even longer, a few weeks ago he went out of town on a business trip.  I took the opportunity one evening to tape off the hallway, prime it and paint it.  Took very little time.

After my husband got home from his trip, I waited to see if he would notice the change.  It's been about a month and he hasn't noticed yet!

Next time he goes out of town, I'm painting the back of the front door!!!

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