Thursday, July 21, 2011

New Bedroom!

Remember how I've been wanting to do a mini-makeover of my bedroom?  Well, I did it!!!!

Here is the before shot:

I wanted the room to be more tailored and less soggy.  Specifically, I wanted to change the curtains, duvet cover and pillows.


House Cleaning Scene from Revenge of the Nerds

During the montage (in which I wear denim overalls and a painter's cap), I got some Joel Dewberry "modern meadow" fabrics and went to work making curtains and a bolster pillow.  I also got a new white duvet cover from the Ikea.  A friend told me all white linens are the best!

SIDE NOTE:  Do you remember the episode of "Sex and the City" where Miranda gets new sheets for her bed?  They show her removing the sheets from the packages and putting them directly onto her bed!  Without washing them first!  That always really grossed me out.  Don't you wash bedding before you apply it???

OK get your eyes ready for a surprise because here is the room now!!!

Welllll, I guess it's not a DRAMATIC difference, but it is a difference nonetheless!

I am really liking the graphic bolster pillow on the all-white bedding:

And the crisp, tailored drapes!  I made sure to hem them up 1/4" from the floor so they didn't puddle.

What do you think????  Do you even notice a difference?

I might change things around a little more here and there, but I'm much happier now!  Do you love it or what???