Friday, July 22, 2011


I got more fabric.  I know!  I was not supposed to buy any fabric in the month of July.  BUT I DID!  Oh well.

The difference is that these fabrics are needed immediately for specific projects.  So it's different than when I just buy fabric because I love it (looking at you, 1001 Peeps!).

Here is the haul -- all from ROSIE'S CALICO CUPBOARD (A HAPPENING PLACE!!!).

SIDE NOTE:  Every time I go to Rosie's (well, both of the two times) someone else is in there who has come straight from the airport and talks loudly how whenever they go to San Diego, their first stop is Rosie's.  Really????  Not Mario's????  Whatevs!

FIRST, for my son's room, I got this very cute tough comic book print to make him a bolster pillow!

NEXT, for a reversible sun hat I am trying to make for my sister, I got this cute pastel print with a coordinating solid!

AND FINALLY, for a friend moving into a new house, I got this super glamorous fabric and a coordinating solid to make her a nice pillow!  I was told the pillow was going on an electric blue chair and that the style in mind was "art deco."  Nice, right???

FINISHED PRODUCTS TO COME!!!!!!!!  As always, I'm right on top of that, Rose!

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