Monday, July 25, 2011


Did you know I make hats now?  ME NEITHER!  It turns out they are pretty do-able.

My sister found these directions from Martha Stewart and asked me to make her a reversible sun hat.  I read the directions and thought:  I think I can do this?

As I showed you before, I found some cute fabric at Rosie's (A HAPPENING PLACE!!!) and went to work.

The hardest part was printing out the patterns.  The hat is in three pieces -- crown, brim and sides.  The patterns are bigger than you think and my computer kept scaling them to print on one page so it was not working.  Luckily, my sister was able to print out the patterns correctly and send them to me.

Then I cut the patterns out and tried to tape them together.  It was very difficult!  I went back to the web site to read the comments for tips.  Apparently, I wasn't supposed to cut them out before putting them together.  OH WELL.  But I did find this pic on Martha's craft department's blog, which was a helpful reference.  

Making the actual hat was simple after that ordeal.  As suggested, I added fusible webbing to the brim so it wouldn't be floppy.

Well, HERE IT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Cute, right?

And, it is fully reversible to the solid side, so you can wear it Robin Hood style:

Blossom style:

Dutch tourist style:

Or Vacation Sombrero style!

Make a reversible hat!  It is easier than it looks!!!