Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I was going through my google reader feed the other day (aka "working") and saw this entry on Design*Sponge on how to make felt craspedia flowers, more commonly known as Billy Balls.  Billy Balls!!!  I don't think you know this, but that is my husband's nickname!  I had to make them.  Also, I own an almost identical white vase as in the tutorial picture, so it was DESTINY!!!!!!!

First I had to gather supplies.  You only need two -- green stem wire and yellow wool roving.  The stem wire was easy enough to find at Joann's -- it's right there in the floral department.  The wool roving was another story.  Yes, you can order it online, but I needed Billy Balls sooner than that!

Then I remembered something even more magical -- I live within walking distance of a "Yarn and Fiber Arts" store!  YES!!!!!  Despite my proximity, this was my first time in this store, and it was ....... let's say interesting.  Except for me, everyone else was wearing a denim vest appliqued with kittens (mine had Disney characters).  JK!  You better believe they had wool roving -- and it was only $4.00 a bag!

Well, I made Billy Balls!  It was super easy -- I just followed the directions.

Here they are!!!!!

Why are my photos so bad????

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