Friday, June 3, 2011

Finished! And Clean!


This blog needs more Jerri Blank!  Also, the quilt for baby Charlotte is finished!  I even washed it to make it soft & squishy.  This was actually the first time I'd washed one of my (3) quilts, so I was glad it came out so well.  Also, I found the cat sleeping on it, so I had to wash it.  Are you ready???

Here it is!!!  With a 5 year old for size reference!!!

And here is the back!!!  Which might be cuter than the front!!!

I decided to quilt it using diagonal lines in one direction:

I think it looks good that way -- not too busy.  Also I don't know how to do the swirly-designy quilting.  So straight lines it is!

I'm very happy with it!  I hope my sister likes it too.  Now I just have to make a little pillow to go with it.  And get started on the next one!  Such is the quilter's burden.....

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