Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hot Hair

Do you ever get a hot hair?  A hot hair is when you have to do something RIGHT AWAY.  Right now, I have a hot hair about the oversized lumbar pillows I posted about yesterday.  I just gotta make one!  I spent most of last night scrolling through fabric web sites while watching TV (I really like that new show Happy Endings FYI).  I picked a bunch of fabrics that might look good in the bedroom and on the sofa and ordered swatches.  I also ordered swatches of a bunch of solids to consider for the piping and backings of the pillows (at $1 each - why not?). 

All swatches are from Tonic Living.  I'll post pics when they arrive so we can compare the website image to the actual fabric.  I find that is helpful.

Here are the contenders for the bedroom pillow (note that the bedroom currently has pale grass walls and strange yellow curtains):

Option 1 - Magnolia in aqua

Option 2 - Ritzy in Robins Egg

I feel like the Magnolia will be the winner here - the Ritzy pattern reads as a tad juvenile.  But I'll wait until I receive the swatches!

For the sofa, the contenders are:

Option 1:  Boteh in Brindle

Option 2: Joy in Pearl

I'm definitely rooting for Option 1 here - but it will be important to check the grey colors against the sofa.  Grey can be a tricky color with different undertones, so we'll see!

Do you have a favorite?  Are you going to make a pillow?  Do you have a hot hair going right now?  Let me know!

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