Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Fun with Spray Paint and/or Meatballs

I have a lot of Ikea Ribba frames hanging in my house -- they are great for prints, postcards, and other items.  (I just counted and there are 19 of them on my walls.  CLEARLY I NEED MORE!!!!!!!!!!!  Tomorrow is an Ikea shopping spree/meatball day 4-sure.)

However, one thing has always bugged me about them....

The white mats included with the frame are actually off-white.  Usually, this is not a problem because I am lazy and cheap (i.e., I'm not going to Aaron Brothers Art Mart and getting custom mats made when a perfectly good, if moderately discolored, one comes with the frames).

But, let's be honest: when you have a white-white frame, a print with a lot of white-white, and then an off-white mat, it looks strange.  Here is Exhibit A, a cute print from Etsy hanging in my son's bedroom:

Ok, now I noticed that the mat is not just the wrong color, it is also boring.  So it's got that going for it as well.  Also, I am a bad photographer because the walls in this room are actually light blue.

ANYHOO, I solved this SERIOUS PROBLEM with a can of spray paint and 2 minutes in the garage.  I now present Exhibit B:

Much better, right?  I mean, except for the part where it's glaringly obvious that the mat is a tad too wide for the print?  UGH.  I guess I WILL be going to Aaron Brothers Art Mart to get a custom mat to put just inside this Spa Blue one.  I think having a quarter inch of navy or dark teal would be a vast improvement.

Also, I want to assure you that this technique works on the black Ribba frames as well!  I knew you would be wondering about that!  Here is one that I spray painted Key Lime:

OK then!  See you tomorrow at Aaron Brothers!  I'll be the one with lingonberry jam stains on my shirt.

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