Saturday, March 26, 2011

Tiny Quilt

Oh, hello.  I almost didn't see you there.  I was just admiring my Tiny Quilt.

(This is the part where you are supposed to do a spit take and sputter "WHAAAAAAAAT?)

Yes!  I made a Tiny Quilt!  I found the pattern in a book called MINI QUILTS, so technically this is a Mini Quilt and not a Tiny Quilt.  But let's be honest -- it is seriously tiny (18" by 20") and not entirely useful -- but I don't think it crosses the line into Mini.  I guess it was good practice for sewing squares and strips together, appliqueing, and making quilt sandwiches.  I did not learn anything about binding (or any valuable life lessons) because the directions were so confusing that I just sort of made it up and it came out weird.  OH WELL.  That is clearly the book's fault, not mine.

But is it really the book's fault?  The projects in the book come in three levels of difficulty: easy, medium and tricky.  I didn't like any of the easy ones, so this was a medium one and maybe not the best choice for a first-timer?  Whatever, book!  I did it, so I guess I am now a MEDIUM level mini quilter.  Please go ahead and send me my certificate.  Or do I get a belt like in karate?  I WANT A BELT!

The appliqued leaves were fun to make -- now I know how to use fusible interfacing and the fancy satin stitch on the sewing machine.   I think this will come in handy.

This is giving me some good ideas for a future quilt for a baby friend of mine!

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