Sunday, June 23, 2013

Kitchen Chronicles! Week 1

We moved into our little house just about three years ago.  Since that time, I have been itching to renovate the kitchen.  The kitchen is a petite (9x13) time capsule, which included a full set of harvest gold appliances!  The dishwasher and fridge pooped out on us within the first year, but we still had the oven!  It took about an hour to pre-heat to 350 and could barely fit a whole chicken.

Also see the strange wood-look laminate cabinets!  They were all over:

Well, now a full kitchen renovation is actually happening!  I am excited!  This past week was WEEK ONE.  So far, we have undergone a full demo and the electrical.  Everything has been torn out, and all the wiring has been.... wired... or whatever.  Plus there are a bunch of circles in the ceilings for the new recessed lighting.  

Check it out!  This used to be the wall of cabinets where the oven and range were located:

And this used to be the sink wall!

The dry-wallers are scheduled to start on Monday, and then the painters arrive.  I think the old floral linoleum floor will be taken out soon too.  

I will be back next week to show you the progress!  

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