Monday, November 7, 2011

Santa's Sweatshop UPDATE!

Remember the sweatshop?  To recap, I am making a bunch of aprons to sell at a holiday craft fair.  Yikes!

Let's check in on my progress:

1)  Purchase fabric  DONE!

2)  Cut fabric  DONE!  I have the components for 14 aprons.

3)  Sew aprons  Ugh.  Not done.  Not done at all!

Sad Santa:

Let's make another list.  Each apron takes four major steps to complete:

1)  Make and attach pocket

2)  Attach trim

3)  Make pleats and attach waistband

4)  Make and attach ties

So far I've completed the pockets on four of the aprons.  That means I'm only 7% done!!!!  DOUBLE YIKES!!!

Let's hope I've made a lot more progress by next Monday!

PS - This is what came up first when I googled "Sad Santa."   ENJOY!

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  1. hahahaha
    who knew Mrs. Claus liked to party???