Monday, July 11, 2011

On a Diet

Guess what - I'm on a diet!  No, not a food diet.  Do you even know me?  I love food.  I'm baking a fig cake right now for no reason -- no one in my family likes figs.  OH WELL!  I guess I will have to eat the whole thing.

I'm actually talking about a fabric diet.  My husband told me that I'm not "allowed" (LOL) to buy any fabric or crafting/sewing supplies in the month of July.  Luckily, he told me about this in June, so I was able to make some last minute purchases!

Let's take a look.....

First up is some Joel Dewberry Modern Meadows fabric in Herringbone.  This is going to be the drapes in my bedroom!  I'm going to try to finish those soon.

Next is one yard of Joel Dewberry Majestic Oak -- I love this pattern.  I don't have anything in mind for this yet.  Any suggestions?

This is a collection of fat quarters of Amy Butler solids.  I just like these colors so much -- there are like seven different shades of green!  I'm thinking of making a color-blocked quilt or something???

Back to my non-food diet.  I guess this will have to tide me over until August!

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