Thursday, June 16, 2011

Soggy Boy Project Alert!

Even though I am not 100% done with the Castle Peeps quilt, I am already a-rarin' to go on my next project.  (PLUS I have several other projects in the pipeline -- including bolster pillows, more curtains and a hat!)

Apparently, after I made this quilt for my baby niece, her older brother got a soggy face and said "where's my quilt?"  SAD!!!

So now I am going to tackle a toddler-boy appropriate quilt.  Here's what I know: he loves the color LELLOW!  Also, his room is green (like a pickle) so I wanted some fun fabrics that incorporated those hues.

Enter the Red Letter Day collection by Lizzy House:

I really love this print especially!

I sure hope my nephew likes his new quilt and it makes him turn that frown upside down!  (Well, in around 4 to 6 weeks from now or whenever it is done).  Also, I just heard he doesn't poop the bed any more!  YAY!!!

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