Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Star Wars for SOPHISTICATED People!

I am working on de-babying my son's room.  He just turned 5!  I guess it is about time.

Step 1 is cleaning out his closet - I'm about half way done.  We donated his size 3T and 4T clothes.  He is officially out of T clothes!  I still need to go through a surprising large amount of baby bedding that is in his room.  There are like 11 receiving blankets and two stacks of burp cloths there.  Why?  Please don't ask me.

Step 2 will be to get rid of as many of his toys as is possible without him noticing that they are gone.  We will only whisper about this step.  He must not know about this.  He has not played with his Cars toys in 2 years?  However, if he sees me take ONE of his many Ramones he will insist that he LOVES CARS and NEEDS CARS and PLAYS WITH CARS ALL THE TIME!!!!!!   Call me if you want some Cars!  I can get them to you.  No questions asked.

Step 3 I did already!  I replaced some weird cartoon animal art and a scotch-taped up poster of rocks and minerals (?) with these awesome Star Wars location prints that look like vintage travel ads!  Futuristic silver frames from Ikea, natch.

I love them.  But, I must be frank: they did not get such a positive reaction from my son.  I forgot one important fact.  HE CAN'T READ!  I think he will like them a lot better in a year or so.

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