Monday, May 2, 2011

Quilting Difficulties

Hmmm.  I have definitely run into a bit of a roadblock on my newest baby quilt.  I wanted to applique some paper doll cutouts.  Unfortunately, my first two trials left much to be desired:

The "male" cutout (left) looks like one of the shapeless future-people from "WALL-E."  And the female cutout (right) came out with dimpled corners and exploded fusing.  Back to the drawing board!

After much soul searching and some light googling, I decided that the next-best-thing to paper dolls would be....  Wait -- can you guess?

Doll clothes!  I'm going to do dress shapes in different fabrics with different decorations (trim, buttons, etc.).  It might be adorable!  We'll just have to see.

More on this project to come!!!

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