Tuesday, May 17, 2011

How To Be Annoying

Say things like:

- I wouldn't serve my kids jarred spaghetti sauce

- We don't use bottled salad dressing

The vegetables from my CSA are sooo much better than these

The sad/great thing is that I have said ALL OF THESE!  AND MORE!!!

I have really gotten to the point where I like what I like.  And what I don't like, mostly, is restaurant food.  Especially since I am limited by a picky-vegetarian husband who "doesn't like" most vegetables (really???!!!) and a wily 5-year old.  There are only a few places where I actually savor the food; the other places are just somewhere to eat.

So other than:

- Hane (Japanese)

- Saffron (Thai)

- Con Pane (lunch/bakery items)

I would rather make it at home.  And if I'm going to make it at home, I'm going to make it myself. 

That is where this comes in:

Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day.

This book is amazing!!!  The "Five Minutes" claim is a little off, but it works and it works gooooooood.  I can make hot, crusty, chewy, DELICIOUS bread, rolls or pizza any night of the week.  AND - it forces you to buy accessories!  I now have a dough bucket, pizza peel and baking stone.  DOUGH BUCKET = FUN! 

Get this book!  Make your own salad dressing!  Let's be annoying together!

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