Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Unusual Windows

My house was built in 1950, which seems kind of old for San Diego?  Anyway, before we moved in, it was old in another way.  A total old lady house!  Mauve carpets and Old Spaghetti Factory fans and fixtures in every room.  Like a pastel bordello.

One of the more charming aspects of the old-fashiony decor was some unusual window shutters in the dining room.  The shutters have bands of fabric attached behind them.  When we moved in, there was sort of a tatty faux burlap (looking for photos...) which I removed.  I originally wanted to put in some adorable green Hable Construction fabric (the Beads pattern in Green Bean), but it was like $80 a yard and I would have needed 7 yards.  Yikes!

So after some serious searching, I found some Japanese import leafy green (EVERYTHING MUST BE GREEN) fabric that appeared to be sort of linen-like in texture at Fabric Worm.

I didn't even sew these!  They are made with iron-on hem tape!  It was easy as they are all just rectangles with wide hems at the top and bottom.  The fabric is held on the back by metal tabs at the top and bottom of the shutter frame:

I've never seen this type of shutter before.  Have you??  Also, what do you usually order at the Old Spaghetti Factory?  Manager's Special?

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