Friday, April 22, 2011

Lamp Attack!

Everyone in my family has terrible eyesight.  Like getting-glasses-in-second-grade terrible.  Out of everyone, mine is the "best" and it is still the worst.  Plus, I have "dry eyes" so wearing contact lenses was not fun.  That being said, I had LASIK surgery in 2005 and it was awesome.  However, I have noticed that my vision has started to deteriorate; I am having trouble both reading and seeing far-away things again. 

Allllll that was lead up to this:

This is the ceiling fixture in the living room.  I love it so!  It is pretty!  But it is not bright.  I think some of the bulbs in it went out?  But, for the life of me, I cannot figure out how to remove the glass so I am stuck squinting and straining my eyes to read in that room.  Not really, but you know what I mean. 

Anyhoodles, after I saw the Young House Lovers decide to put a low console table behind their grey L-shaped sofa (THEY ARE TOTALLY COPYING ME), I decided to copy them back and also put a table there.  And!  I can add lamps!  So I've got that going for me. 

Can you help me try to decide what lamps to get?  I need a pair.  My only concern is that I think the lamps need to be very low-profile because I am not moving my gallery wall.  Uh uh. 

Here are my top contenders:

1.  West Elm Loft Task Lamp

Pros:  on sale!  skinny!  sort of industrial yet not too modern!
Cons:  not sure I love it?  maybe I do?  I think I do!

2.  Anthropologie Menlo Lamp

Pros:  love!  so cute!  see through!  only takes special bulbs!
Cons:  expensive to get two.  only takes special bulbs.

3.  Kirkland Blue Table Lamp

Pros:  cheap!
Cons:  cheap!  also boring?

Soooooo....what do you think:???????????????????

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