Saturday, April 9, 2011

Elephants are the New Cows

At some point in my childhood, my mom decided she was going to collect cows and cow-related ephemera.  I think this occurred when our house was overhauled from 1970's gold and avocado to 1980's black and white?  Also she really liked this one cow creamer she had that looked like this?

Anyway, from then on, she had cows coming out of her ears.  Our kitchen was overrun with cow tea pots, cow cutting boards, cow figurines.  Every birthday, Mothers Day, Chrismukkah, etc., it was cows.  COWS COWS COWS!  I think you get it.

But this wasn't new - her mom (my grandma) was the same way about elephants, but like 10,000 times more.  Everything in my grandma's house was elephantty.   My grandma also wrote or put a sticker on the bottom of each elephant saying when/where/who the elephant was from.  Some of them are from the 1940's.

After my grandma passed, we shared the elephants around the family.  I got a bunch of cute ones that now live in my china cabinet:

I also have an elephant on my mantel:

And two elephants on my entry table:

That one elephant is glittered.  Just wanted to see what would happen!  It was fun.

I am also contemplating spray painting that elephant tea pot white?  What do you think???

ALSO - I don't want to become an elephant lady!  So for future gifts, let's just tell everyone I collect these.

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