Friday, February 10, 2012

New Project Alert - Sparkle Punch!

I wanted to keep making Swoon blocks, but I ran out of white.  (I use Kona Snow for my white, FYI.  You know, in case you want to get me a gift.)

SO, I decided to start on a SPARKLE PUNCH quilt!  Here is a pic of the inspiration quilt from Oh, Fransson:

First I needed to gather up a bunch of colors and patterns to make the stars.  My inspiration for this quilt was this funny typewriter print fabric from the Melody Miller Ruby Star Shining collection:

So I picked a bunch of turquoise, teal, blue and green prints and solids to go with it and decided to use a neutral-color for the background fabric.  

Since the quilt is made of 3.5" squares, next I started cutting out squares.  Hundreds of squares!  So many hundreds of squares!

About 400 neutral squares:

And I don't know how many colorful squares:

Then I organized my squares into zip lock bags!

Time to start turning the squares into stars!  Here is my first star:

Only several hundred more to go!

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