Monday, August 1, 2011

New Project Alert!

I've been trying to find a project for my 1,001 Peeps fabric.  Remember how cute it is?

After poking around online for cute quilt patterns and I found this:

Yowzers!  It is the New Wave Quilt from Oh, Fransson!  I think this pattern is perfect for the Peeps! 

I've already started cutting out the patterns and so far it looks good:

Now I just have to start sewing and stuff.

My husband asked me who this quilt was for and I said "ME!"  He laughed.  Why is that funny?  He thought I was joking.  ?????

WHATEVER!  Middle-aged ladies can have peach and pink "Aladdin" quilts.  It's very normal.

I'm going to try to finish this by my birthday (8/8) then wrap it up and give it to myself.  I already know I'm gonna love it!

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