Friday, May 6, 2011

Cute Attack

The Crewcuts catalog is just beyond cute.  I'm secretly glad I have a boy (their boy clothes are plenty cute) because if I had a girl, she would be wearing complicated layered outfits and sparkle flats and no-prescription nerd glasses every day.  Also, I would be broke.

While waiting for the waffle iron to heat up on Saturday morning, I told my son to go through the Crewcuts catalog and pick out his new look.  Then he actually did it!  He told me he really, really wanted these black and white sneakers:

Later that day, we were at the mall and saw those shoes at Kids Foot Locker ($10 less, FYI!).  We totally got them!

Here is my adorbs 5 year old with his new shoes:

Love this face!

Happy Mothers Day!!!!!

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