Friday, April 15, 2011

Drapery Progress

I'm making progress on the drapes for the living room.  I've completed the top seams, and am now going to add the lining (fancy!) and sides.  Shouldn't be too difficult?  I found a nice tutorial online and have been following it religiously!

I am a teensy bit worried that they will be too *busy* ... but I really love the colors and am going to wait and see what they look like once they are up.

I'm also a tad worried about the hanging process.... four lined drapes are HEAVY!  Much heavier than the current sheers.  I think I will have to re-install the drapery hardware to make sure it is really secure.

Another worry - I'm definitely going to need new sofa pillows!  But that is a fun worry.  I'm thinking ikat???

We'll see...

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